New nuclear builds

With over fifty years of experience on a variety of reactor types, Ansaldo Nucleare is at the forefront of new nuclear power plant development.

Ansaldo Nucleare provides systems, components and services for the NSSS (Nuclear Steam Supply System) and BOP (Balance of Plant). Our impressive track record includes various nuclear power plants such as PWR, BWR, CANDU and VVER.

From first generation to fusion, we’ve seen it all.

Generation III+ reactors

Ansaldo Nucleare has provided a significant contribution to Generation III+ reactors, cooperating with Westinghouse since the early 1980s in the development of Passive Plant Technology. From concept design through to qualification and construction, our work has been central to the development of AP600, AP1000 and ESBWR nuclear power plant technology.

Ansaldo Nucleare is also heavily invested in the development of Generation IV lead-cooled fast neutron reactor demonstrator technology.

Fusion reactors

For over 40 years, Ansaldo Nucleare has been active in the field of nuclear fusion. From the first plants in Europe and the UK, to our important role leading the DYNAMIC consortium at ITER, we have unrivalled expertise in the development of fusion reactor technology.

Our successes in new nuclear builds

Ansaldo Nucleare has been heavily involved in the development of innovative, new nuclear power plants across the globe. Take a look at some of our proudest achievements below.

Westinghouse AP1000 at Sanmen Unit 1 (China)

Between 2007 and 2016, Ansaldo Nucleare S.p.A. designed, manufactured, and helped install two important components for the Westinghouse AP1000 at Sanmen Unit 1: the containment container, and a first-of-its-kind passive heat exchanger for the removal of decay.

ITER Vacuum Vessel (France)

Since 2010, Ansaldo Nucleare S.p.A. has been coordinating the DYNAMIC consortium for the supply of five sectors of the Vacuum Vessel — the toroidal vacuum chamber that will host the plasma at ITER. Our engineers have also helped design systems for the Hot Cell Complex Building, the Tokamak Auxiliary Preparation Building, as well as emergency electrical distribution systems housed in four dedicated buildings.

Cernavodă Unit 2 Completion Contracts (Romania)

Ansaldo Nucleare S.p.A. and our partners AECL worked tirelessly to deliver the Cernavodă Unit 2 plant according to schedule and budget before the end of 2007. This remains the only nuclear new build project completed in the EU in the last twenty years.

Sizewell C (UK)

In 2020, Ansaldo Nuclear Ltd joined the Sizewell C Consortium, along with over 32 leading companies in the UK’s nuclear supply chain in support of the power station’s construction. We believe Sizewell C will mark a crucial step in the UK’s path towards a clean, green economic recovery.