Our innovation

Pioneers in the nuclear energy industry

Ansaldo Nucleare is leading research and development in a number of innovative fields, including fission, fusion, decommissioning and waste management solutions. Our consistent development of bespoke solutions is guided by close and careful monitoring of customer needs, in terms of both safety and efficiency.

Investing in the future of nuclear energy

To innovate in the nuclear sector, you have to recognise that the stringent quality and safety standards often aren’t equipped to handle new and emerging technologies. Technologies that have the potential to meet current and future needs are often hard to grow from laboratory to industry scale.

That’s why Ansaldo Nucleare has always been proud to invest in the design of new enabling technologies, product development, and the cultivation of talent that could promote revolutionary approaches for sustainable growth.

Technology in progress

With help from our parent company – Ansaldo Energia – we’re also developing:


  • Advanced management systems which can integrate into nuclear plants
  • New thermal energy storage solutions
  • Cogeneration applications
  • High-temperature electrolysis for hydrogen production

Empowerment through partnership

We know the power of collaboration in our field, which is why we stimulate the sharing of technology between industry and academic researchers. By offering public-private partnerships, we can help to bridge the gap between fundamental research and industrial application.

Ansaldo Nucleare is a member of the Nuclear Generation II and III Association (NUGENIA) and the European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative (ESNII).

We know the power of collaboration in our field, which is whyThese two organisations are pillars of the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP), which coordinates fission initiatives aiming to facilitate Europe’s transition to a low-carbon energy mix by 2050.

Our commitment to innovation is clear from our active participation in several EU and nationally funded R&D projects. These opportunities have nurtured an exchange of experiences among end-users and regulators, and facilitated the harmonisation of standards and approaches among EU Member States.

Areas of focus

We have a long history of investing in the future of nuclear technology. Take a look at some of our current areas of focus.

Generation IV

We’re investing in the development of Generation IV lead-cooled fast neutron reactor demonstrator technology, to make strides towards implementing the EU’s Strategic Energy Technology Plan. 


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Small modular reactors

Ansaldo Nucleare has consistently contributed to the development of several small modular reactor concepts (SMRs), including projects like ISIS, IRIS and NuScale and other international projects. These concepts have huge potential to transform the future of sustainable energy infrastructure.


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Decommissioning & waste management

Decommissioning and waste management is a crucial phase in the lifecycle of a nuclear power plant. Ansaldo Nucleare is committed to searching for innovative technologies and solutions to issues like segmentation, decontamination and system management.


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