Nuclear plant EPC contractor & system integrator

Ansaldo Nucleare combines engineering expertise and project management skills to provide a one-stop-shop nuclear plant EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) service that minimises the usual risks associated with complex projects.

Ansaldo Nucleare has proven itself as a leading EPC contractor and system integrator, having managed the design, supply and installation of nuclear components in several projects across Italy, UK, France, Romania, Slovenia and Argentina.

Whether it’s the design and construction of a new nuclear installation, modifications to an existing plant, or the treatment of radioactive waste, Ansaldo Nucleare is at the forefront.

New nuclear builds

Ansaldo Nucleare has over fifty years of experience working on a variety of reactor types. Our impressive track record includes significant innovations within Generation III+ reactors, leading roles in fusion reactor construction, and the ongoing development of Generation IV lead-cooled fast neutron reactor demonstrator technology.


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Decommissioning and nuclear waste management

From designing decommissioning strategies to overseeing remote radioactive waste removals, Ansaldo Nucleare has a proven track record when it comes to a plant’s end of life. That’s why we’re currently tackling some of the most complex decommissioning challenges in the UK and Europe.


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Why choose EPC specialists?

A nuclear plant is a highly complex system where all engineering and construction activities need to be carefully planned and managed. This requires both highly-specialised design skills and plant engineering skills. Only experienced nuclear plant EPC specialists can provide both.

Quality EPC services from start to finish

Ansaldo Nucleare prides itself on being able to oversee the entire EPC process from start to finish. All of our engineering stages are developed in an integrated way, targeted to full safety, and offering maximum plant life support. We treat each project as unique, combining proven modules and innovative solutions in order to achieve your specific objectives and requirements.

Our engineering, procurement and construction activities

Ansaldo Nucleare’s extensive experience in international EPC contracts means we are capable of offering a wide range of services to our clients:


  • Project management
  • Quality assurance & quality surveillance
  • Planning & control of activities
  • Procurement of equipment & components
  • Site organisation
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Turn-over to operations
  • Design & engineering

Design & engineering, including:


  • Safety & licensing support
  • Nuclear & radiation analysis
  • Fluid system design & integration
  • Instrumentation & control
  • Electrical systems
  •  Integrated plant layout & engineering
  • Fluid mechanics & thermal-hydraulic analysis
  • Civil structure design: modules & shield buildings
  • Mechanical modules design
  • Piping design
  • Radwaste management