Ansaldo Nucleare

A one-stop shop for nuclear power solutions

Ansaldo Nucleare S.p.A. and its subsidiary Ansaldo Nuclear Ltd (UK) operate together as a “one-stop Shop” specializing in nuclear power.

Ansaldo Nucleare covers all nuclear activities. From the production of critical high-tech components to the design and construction of new builds, from decommissioning to advanced research on radwaste management, Fusion, Generation IV plants and Small Modular Reactors, we can do it all.

Our vision

Ansaldo Nucleare is devoted to the advancement of nuclear technology, enhancing safety and guaranteeing public transparency. Safety, security, quality and sustainability guide our vision. We believe in a brighter nuclear future, providing carbon-free energy through advanced and modular technologies for dependable and competitive fission and fusion reactors.

We believe in a nuclear industry of the future and for the future.

Why nuclear?

Nuclear energy is an essential component of the low-carbon economy. A large proportion of the CO2-free electricity generated in the EU comes from its 100+ nuclear reactors. The contribution these plants make to the abatement of overall carbon emissions could be crucial for the future of the planet.

What we offer

Ansaldo Nucleare has consolidated its role as EPC contractor managing the integrated design, the supply of nuclear components and their installation in several recent projects in the domestic markets (Italy, UK) and abroad (France, Romania, Slovenia, Argentina, …).

Ansaldo Nucleare provides tailored design and engineering, manufacturing, assembly, testing, commissioning, on-site installation and integrated logistics services for the following markets:


Nuclear plant EPC


New nuclear builds




Plant operation assistance



Our skills

Ansaldo Nucleare brings to the client a single entry point and a single multidisciplinary team that can design, procure and follow up the construction, installation and commissioning of complex projects.

We create unique projects, developed combining well-proven modules and innovative solutions in order to best suit site-specific objectives and requirements.

Engineering design of safety critical equipment in a nuclear environment

Programme management

Specialist assembly, testing and commissioning

On site specialist support


Multiple skills per discipline

Our innovation

From pioneering thermal energy storage solutions to new SMR concepts, Ansaldo Nucleare is heavily invested in the future of nuclear energy. We are leading figures in:


Generation IV reactors




New DC&WM solutions

Collaboration is key

Ansaldo Nucleare has always cultivated a close collaboration with the world of research and technological development to encourage the sharing of appropriate skills, capabilities and resources, and thus allow to participate in the programmes that lead the main European and non-European countries in these areas.

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